saint genevieve. small monument.

sainte genevieve keeping her sheep. anonymous

saint genevieve, in latin sancta genovefa, from germanic keno (kin) and wefa (wife), is the patron saint of paris in roman catholic and eastern orthodox tradition. her feast is kept on the 3rd january.

we know the ancient origin of this curious tableau where the patron saint of paris is represented high crook in hand, in the midst of a kind of megalithic enclosure converted sheepfold. there is a reminder of the iconographic theme of the good shepherd, mixed with symbol of protection of the parisian people. the landscape is imaginary as a whole, but includes an overview of paris taken from the east. despite its fanciful montage, it recognises in particular the mound and the abbey of montmartre, the wall of charles v with its doors, the temple, the bastille, etc. the picture is undoubtedly the work of a flemish painter working in france and influenced by the school of fontainebleau.

an anonymous, small cast iron monument sited next to a 19th century pathway covered with red granite sets. acting as a marker. a beacon, homage to the world traveller or migrant that ended up in this east-end refuge from persecution. anonymous