solid-state memory device.


the top half of this image is the pitted surface of the capstone of din lligwy dolmen, anglesea. it is a neolithic burial chamber, an eight-stone circle of stones capped by an enormous 25 tonne squared capstone.its top surface pitted with deep basins holding water. this may have been why it was chosen to cap this tomb. the chamber below contained some 30 burials complete with neolithic pottery and artefacts.

the bottom half, a recent close-up of the surface of mercury with the many passes the obiter messenger made across its cratered surface. astoundingly for a planet so close to the sun, the the presence of water has been confirmed.

both surfaces act as a solid-state four dimensional memory store able to transport us though time and space and to recover our past so that we might reconfigure our present. these ancient surfaces help remind us of our ancestor’s cosmic connection with the movement of the stars and planets. modern humanity in reacquainting  itself with the cosmos has unleashed its formidable power – war and barbarism at one end of its technological spectrum or humanities possible rapprochement with nature at the other.