zennor quoit. neolithic chambered tomb.

zennor quoit. borlase the antiquarian drew a plan of the site in the mid-c18 when the capstone was roughly horizontal and the chamber was set into a low stony mound approx 12.8m in diameter. by the time his great-great grandson visited the site in the middle of the c19, the capstone had slipped and the western upright supporting it had snapped.the site today comprises two chambers set into a low stony mound. the main chamber is trapezoidal with its long axis running off NNE by 75 degrees. the western end is 0.83m wide, reducing to 1.9m. the total length being 3.16m. the capstone now tilted and following the line of the supporting stones is 5.33m by 2.9m and weighs about 9.45 tonnes. it has an antechamber at the eastern end formed  by two impressive portal stones.quoits are among the oldest megalithic architecture on the west penwith peninsula and would have represented a local variation of a tradition which had travelled from the levant up the west coast of spain to brittany, to arrive in cornwall in the late neolithic, around 3300 bce on route to wales, anglesea and ireland.


69 Zennor Quoit

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