merry maidens. stone circle ceremonial complex

merry_maidens. stone circle. one of what was possibly a pair of stone circle that sit above lamorna valley and form part of an extensive complex of ceremonial monuments that include a neolithic entrance grave, large standing stone outliers, holed stones and burial mounds. the spacing of the nineteen stones that make up this circle suggest an entrance from the west we can see two intriguing outliers barely rising above the surface of the ground on its southerly side directing you to some large stones that now form part of a double stone wall and track leading down towards the sea.these stone circles would have been gathering places for meetings, trade, merriment and feasting celebrating the turn of the seasons and guided by the movement of the sun and the moon. #archeaology merry_maidens #stone_circle #dancing_stones #ceremony #standing stones #outliers #bnw from instagram: