gileston menhir

gileston menhir situated of the levels between the river usk and the monmouth canal this large triangular standing stone is 3m high and 2.7m at its base. it has a sharply defined upper face approximately 1m in depth before it juts out to thicken at its base. this surface of this face points towards the pass that lies between the craig danywenallt 356m on its eastern side, with its iron age enclosures and settlements and pen y bryn 562m, twyn du 533m and Allt lwyd 654m to its west. this might well have acted as a marker stone that helped travellers orient themselves through the then thickly forested terrain. this is one of a number of standing stones that lie along the banks of the river usk sited deliberately close to the life giving powers of its waters and underlying its importance in the cosmology of ancient societies. dated by cdwu as bronze age although these stones are known to exist in much earlier neolithic times and are associated with the changes brought about by crop growing. #neolithic #bronze_age #standing_stones #menhir #marker_stone #archaeology #orientation #bnw from instagram: