stackhouse cove nr perrenuthnoe. perranuthnoe was mentioned in the domesday book in 1086 as odenol. (maybe derived from the god oden?) in 1235 its name had become hutheno. by 1308 it was known as udno and in 1839 it became uthnoe-veor. there is still a farm in the village called ednoe-vean. stackhouse cove. was named after john stackhouse who built the house which stands above the cove. it is famous for containing the most diverse range of seaweed species ever recorded in britain. stackhouse studied the seaweeds and carried out experiments in the growing of them. his research was published in london in 1795 accompanied with drawings. he believed that the seaweed and saltwater were beneficial to good health so he had a bath carved into the rocks in order for his wife to benefit from their healing properties. #stackhouse #goodhealth #seaweed #odenol #oden #vean #openairbath #geology from instagram: