the mound in the dark grove. anglesey wales

bryn celli ddu may be translated as ‘the mound in the dark grove’, and some have speculated that during its time of construction, it was located in a large clearing then surrounded entirely forest. archaeologists have suggested that the original stone circles were set up during the neolithic period, around 3000 bc.

around a thousand years after it was built, it became an ‘entrance grave’ or passage tomb, a type of burial monument found around the irish seaboard.

bryn celli ddu was accurately aligned to coincide with the rising sun on the summer solstices with the rays of light penetrating down the passage way into the burial chamber. this connects if firmly in the tradition of the irish passage graves notably new grange with its ‘letterbox’ opening projecting light onto the rear wall of its chamber.


green ‘entrance’ door, with its padlock and letterbox. columbia road east london

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