drizzlegate drizzlecombe stone row / aldgate high street installation.

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drizzlecombe stone row. the bone stone.(4000/3200BCE) dartmoor. of the three stone rows present on the complex, row two, the eastern row is terminated by the tallest standing stone on dartmoor, at 4.2m in height with a distinctive bulging profile at the top.

worth speculates it was dragged here from higher hartor tor about 1km away. this single line stone row runs uphill away from the the bone stone, it is the shortest of the three rows at drizzlecombe at 83.2m, but has larger slabs set further apart and with the largest, near its culminating cairn. all three stone rows culminate in cairns and a forth has no row attached but seems part of a line of culminating cairns. further up the slope is an extensive settlement complex of round houses and enclosures. the stone row is orientated 42º east of grid north and at 3.00pm on the winter solstice the bone stone shadow aligns with its stone row.

image: the bone stone from the east. latitude: 50.485852N longitude: 03.985946W

aldgate high street installation.(2013/2015) between minors and jewry street. aldgate marks the eastern gateway to the historic city of london and the roman road leading to whitechapel and beyond. the installation ‘an elevated temple’ by studio weave, commemorates aldgate’s distinguished literary resident, geoffrey chaucer. it was encountered on a derive through the city in 2014 seeking out modern menhir. its slender legs suggesting an affinity to the monuments of prehistory, and to the speculation that they too were painted. it is no longer there.

image, the decorated legs of an installation, paleys upon pilers. latitude: 51.308188N longitude: 04.597524

a constructive montage : the juxtaposition of incommensurate things