merrivale stone row. blocking stone/ modern menhir. newlyn.

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merrivale stone row. blocking stone/ modern menhir. newlyn.

merrivale stone row. this slender ‘blocking’ stone forms one end of a double stone row at the merrivale ritual complex on dartmoor. its inclides standing stones, a stone circle and too near parallel double stone rows and cairns. a large cist is also part of this ritual landscape with its split cap stone and lined granite stone pit, its burials long devoured by the acidic soil. some have suggested during the celestial sunrises it casts its shadow across the opposing stone row and calibrates cardinal events.

newlyn modern menhir. wrapped and well read. the bottom half of a telegraphic pole – a modern communications totem – sending out well rehearsed messages to the surrounding neighbourhood. its accompanying red plastic container a depository of communal detritus on its way to burial in local landfill.

just as the surrealist sort examples os modern myth and ritual in the city landscape through derive, this ‘dialectical image’ seeks a similar illumination.

both menhir and cists can be ‘read’ making connections to wider landscapes