upperpaleolithic? aurignacian? magdalenian? pech-merle?

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interpenetrating figures. finger drawing ? transparency simultaneity movement could be, but no it’s an early jackson pollock influence by joan miró, pablo picasso and joan sobel ‘ i continue to get further away from the usual painter’s tools such as easel, palette, brushes, etc. i prefer sticks, trowels, knives and dripping fluid paint or a heavy impasto with sand, broken glass or other foreign matter added.’ pollock. the-merle ceiling – see previous post – was described by hans arp when shown the ceiling from the ‘hall of the hieroglyphs’ and referring to the half eyes closed drawings he and his wife sophie produced ‘now under lowered lids the inner movement streams untainted to the hand.in a darkened room it is easier to follow the guidance of this inner movement than in the open air. a conductor of inner music, the great designer of prehistoric images worked with eyes turn inwards. so the drawings gain in transparency; open to interpenetrations to sudden inspiration to recovery of the inner melody, to the circling approach; and the whole is transmitted into one great exhalation’ true of pollock as it is of the artists of pech- merle