propped stone. carnstabba. (50.2008913, -5.4953055).

propped stone. carnstabba. (50.2008913, -5.4953055). two props and one point of contact (descriptive typology re david shepherd). it is claimed that these form part of the neolithic megalithic tradition and are perhaps the precursors to dolmen or quoits. natural stone features are transformed, either by modifying existing tor stacks or by levering selected stones into position. the stone setting here is composed of several, particularly sculptural, tor bolders. they feature ones with integral solutions basins and those with more linear markings. one of the two props holding up the main stone also has a solutions basin. the adjacent stone is highly sculptured and it is tempting to see this as the work of human invention, certainly it would have been prized by the local population and seen as being the work of their ancestors. the site remains as yet unclassified.