looking back – first synopsis

title:  montage – image . method . construction  montageconstruction-new2

below is a outline synopsis of the scope of the proposed doctorate dated 2010 //the modern method of montage is not a seamless whole; it is constructed out of fragments. images that make visible the jagged line of demarcation between physical nature and meaning.// walter benjamin   the proposal takes the idea proffered by benjamin within the arcades project that montage is raised by technique (technik) to the level of a constructive principle. it will explore its development as an idea – a perceptual tool and as a practice methodology under the following rubrics: these are indicative rather than definitive and are an illustration of its general scope. the work itself will be a montage construction, constructed out of fragments and is to read as a whole or in parts organised as much by the reader as by the author montage – idea image the arcades project – a literary montage the dialectical image as a philosophy of history benjamin and the surrealists simmel money, the city and fashion brecht  verfremdungseffekt (the distancing effect) and the re-functioning of practice lefebvre encountering the everyday and the production of differential space image.text.city2 montage – surrealism and photography the collective imagination and the technical apparatus atget and paris photography and the transformation of apperception technik – architecture and the utopic imagination   montage – the city the outmoded and the mythic terrain vague  liminal space and discarded spaces heterotopic space the carnival and the factory differential space the festival and the situation   montage – space time simultaneity in art and architecture heartfield and schwitters between photomontage and construction strategies of resistance cubism and constructivism dada and surrealism meyer and the utopian construction corbusier cinematic space and the promenade rem koolhaas and bernard tschumi between theory and practice constant nieuwenhuys and the new babylon – the production of concrete utopias marcel duchamp and elsworth kelly the found object and the found subject   montage – critical practice inserts and interruptions simultaneity and juxtaposition refunctioning art and architecture