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HENRY|SEATON/ the collaborative partnership between rex henry and graham seaton attempts to create work that functions simultaneously at different scales and levels. it can be understood as city, as archaeology, or as serial objects. these negative objects can be considered as the critical re-enactment of the process of serial production, as a city of repetitive objects or as modern relics from an ancient past/

MADE IN CHINA : 28 OBJECTS/ concrete and plaster/ various dimensions/ a group of individual objects ranging in scale, using the throw-away carcasses of industrialised packaging these objects raise the question of value in the world of things, where they are are made and who makes them. made to be discarded these objects are in every sense the negation of the items which they held and the society that produced them. what remains of these ‘objects of desire’, is but the negative space they occupied. if they are to re-assert their value as negative objects it is achieved through the constructive montage of their conspicuous arrangement in differentiated contexts. their individual titles acknowledges their imagined origins and the added colour their new context.