tregiffian entrance tomb.

considered part of the scillonian group of ‘entrance graves’ and is one if the earliest of its type in cornwall. it is within 90m of the merry maidens stone circle. it has been suggested along with bants carn as not being primarily sepulchral but rather repositories or chambers connected with land fertility rituals. (ashbee). topographically its position out on the l00m coastal platform of penwith contrasts with that of most other entrance tombs which lie close to the 125m contour at the junction between the coastal platform and the high moorlands of west oenwith. significantly, the original 17m diameter circular turf mound retained by a megalithic kerb finds close comparison in irish late neolithic passage tombs. while the packing stones inside the kerb are reminiscent of ruined passage tombs at carrowmore. the decoration of the jamb stone on the east side of the entrance to the tomb with oval and circular cup marks is paralleled in megalithic tombs in western and northern europe, so one might understand this as a local interpretation of evolving tradition across europe. the barrow and kerb at tregiffian were reconfigured to roughly polygonal form, probably during the early bronze age when two cremation burials in collared food urns were placed in pits within the chamber. the oval cup marks on the entrance  blocking stone  are unique in cornwall.

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