chun quoit / 22 wheler street

chun quoit. erected in the neolithic period (3500-2500bc), this portal dolmen still retains some evidence of the mound which once surrounded it. the antiquarian borlase wrote of tall kerb stones which would have enclosed the cairn measuring some thirty odd feet in diameter. nowadays a mere couple of these outer ring stones remain, others reputedly incorporated into the pavements of penzance.

the surrounding mound is ringed with a low kerb of relatively small boulders and other stones visible in the top of the mound have been interpreted as the remains of burial boxes or cists. there may have been a ‘forecourt’ in front of the entrance to the chamber which would have provided the setting for funerary rites and rituals. communities at this time were becoming increasingly settled and stable and such rites are thought to represent the attempt to establish hereditary ‘ownership’ of a territory and to develop a communal or tribal identity.

chun quoit is approximately 195 metres above sea level


image. taken from the south west showing the entrance, the granite rubble making up the forecourt, the two granite portals and blocking stone, and the massive 16 tonne mushroom like capstone.

outside 22 wheler street. ‘situated just off commercial street you are in the heart of shoreditch and a stone’s throw from the famous spitalfields market and brick lane with their boutique shops, pop ups, cafes, bars and restaurants at your disposal.’ estate agents sales patter. 

wheler street is a street in the greater london urban area of shoreditch and measures approximately 127 metres long. the average house in wheler street sells for £705,071.43 there are 3 other streets named wheler street in great britain. in 2017 there was one house sale in wheler street with the sale price of £470,000. in 2016 there were 2 house sales in wheler street with the average house price being £545,000. in 2015 there were 4 house sales in wheler street with the average house price being £843,875. wheler street is governed by london borough of tower hamlets council. wheler street has the postcodes of E1 6ND, E1 6NP and E1 6NR.

wheler street is located within the county of greater london which is in the london region of the uk. 2.05miles north east from the centre of london.

wheler street is approximately 23 metres above sea level.

image. the pavement reveals the ware and tear, tracing the multitude footsteps of its passers bye, the over and over again repairs, broken granite curb stones, an original victorian cast iron bollard juxtaposed against new street furniture and markings.