a hole in four (or maybe five) holed stone row. botallack common. west penwith

a line of holed stones on moorland at botallack common lie at approximately 168m above od. four holed stones were noted and sketched in 1842 by the reverend buller. a further fifth stone was recognised by blight in 1908 although this remains in question. four large roughly cut regular granite slabs, partly recumbent, are set in an alignment orientated wsw-ene. they have bevelled perforations, with an average 7.5cm to 9cm in diameter. only half of one stone still survives with the fracture across the perforation. the fifth outlying stone which unlike the others is not in alignment, not bevelled but with a straight sided hole. the function of the monument is unknown; possibly part of a short stone row and should perhaps be considered as part of other ceremonial activities, close to the tregaseal circle and barrows

(the term ‘ordnance datum’ OD, refers to the height of mean sea-level, taken from a reference point at newlyn in cornwall. this is basis of the national height system for the whole of britain

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