carnstabba giant’s stone moon rising. halsetown / gibraltar walk road works. bethnal green.


the giant’s stone. a huge 8x3x3m monster granite bolder oriented towards the west and displaying its cup marks and water basin. seen here in conjunction with a rising full moon. of possible archaeological significance.

carnstabba hill is strewn with stones of anamorphic appeal with this one like many large bolders here about, the mythic playthings of giants that frequent the hills locally. undoubtably, it would have attracted the interest of our ancestors and may have been included in their cosmology. the stone is part of the site still used today to welcome in the summer solstice, and gathering together the local populace to partake in its bonfire rituals.

the bolder has been end sliced by stone masons that has left the western end with an all round serrated edge associated with drilling then wedging the selected stone apart. used in the mining industry that was a feature of the area.

gibraltar walk road works. a cobbled street with granite sets off bethnal green road and close to brick lane. steel fencing sealing off a protected dig. gas not archaeology. the lane with its live work spaces has been home to the rag trade in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and is now occupied by wannabe designers and makers of various sorts and sizes. vary close to the sunday market at brick lane it is a major gathering space in the city.

granite unites the sites and each have their equivalent standing stones, street menhere, enclosures and rituals.

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